in my photoshop CS5 (32bit) when I run the maxwell Layer adj Action on a light layer i get this warning:
"command "creat clipping mask" is not currently available"

I press "continue" button and all looks and behaves well (gives me this warning in 8,16, or32bit import)

Whats this error? everything seems to work...

I DO NOT get this error in my CS5(64bit) Photoshop on the same MXI so why do i get it in the 32bit Photoshop(i prefer to work in 32bit photoshop as most of my PS plugins only work in 32 bit ps)
The clipping mask makes the intensity and color controls to be applied to a layer, so when you apply the action to a light layer, and all light layers are in linear dodge mode, you can emulate the multilight feature.

I have CS5 extended for windows and the action works well, I don't know what should be happening! Anyway, you can make the clipping mask by hand (right clic on the intensity/color control).
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