Hello everybody
I just installed the new 2.1 Photoshop Plugin on my Win 7 64bit Machine with PS CS3.
Unfortunately, the plugin is not working :(

The installer places it in the correct place, but PS does not load it...
Maybe the installer installed the wrong file... I don't know.

Does anyone have CS3 and the new 2.1 PS Plugin is working?
Could somebody ZIP send me that plugin file?

I need this thing :(
Thanks a lot, Oliver
Sorry, the installer was tested only with CS4 and CS5, something could be wrong.

The PS CS3 path was automatically filled with the CS3 path in the installer?
Did you check that you install the 32 bits version instead the 64 bits one?
Can you try to manually browse the CS3 path in the installer please? The MXI.8bi is on (CS3path)\Plug-ins\File Formats ?

If you don't find the MXI.8bi file despite of you install it, you can try to install the 32 bits plug-in in your desktop, and copy/paste the MXI.8bi file into "C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CS3\Plug-ins\File Formats" by hand.
This is the path where the installer places the file:

D:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CS3\Plug-Ins\File Formats

It's seems correct, that's where my PS is :)
I did not install it on C: because there is not enough space, but it's on D: and i never had any problems with other plugins because of that.
I assume it's simply the wrong MXI.8bi file...

Could you not simply send me the MXI.8bi for 32bit CS3? I would place it manually... maybe then it works...
I've just test the installer with CS3 32 bits, win7 pro 64 bits, and it works.

If you still want the MXI.8bi file separated, give me your email please.

One question, the previous version of the plug-in worked for you?
Good morning
Thank you for the file.
Unfortunately, it did not work.

BUT I found a solution :D
The problem seems that CS3, if it is installed NOT on C:, but somewhere else like on D:, does not check the Pluginsfolder correctly.
That is my suspicion…
How can I solve that?
Well, in the preferences of PS CS3, there is an option to add an additional folder for plugins…
So, I can create a folder ANYWHERE on the Computer, put the Maxwell Plugin in there, and link that folder to Photoshop.
THEN it works! :roll:
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