I am really liking the photoshop plugin. It will be so much faster to make the changes in photoshop as you see the changes instantly. Nice job!

One difficulty i am having is chaning a color light to just a white light. Say i have a blue light and i just want it to be a regular white light. I move the hue slider but it never gives a white option. Am i missing something?


Hello Valkama,

This Action doesn't behave exactly just like the real MultiLight does, as Maxwell can manage full spectral information, and Photoshop doesn't.
So it simply "mimics" its behavior, but there are some things that are not accurate or not possible.

As it is commented in the plugin Manual, this Action allows you to adjust the light color by changing its emitter huge, but it can't convert a color emitter into a desaturated emitter (white, black, grey). If you desaturate this emitter layer, but will remove all the color information of this layer, which is not what you may want to do.

There is not much one can do in Photoshop as it can't handle all the spectral information.

The only thing you can try is applying a layer over the emitter layer, fill it with the color you are trying to remove, and set it in Difference mode, just to try to remove the color from the render.
But the results won't be accurate neither.

We suggest to set the desaturated emitters (white, grey or black) in their final color when you setup their material, as those colors can not be achieved from a color emitter.

Let me know if this answers your question.


Dario Lanza
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