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By limbus
somehow cooperative jobs have a higher priority than single jobs. They "steal" nodes from single jobs that are above them in the render queue. Once the cooperative job is finshed, the nodes assigned to the single jobs are not assigned back to them, so they never render.

Steps to reproduce:

1. Add a single job and assign a rendernode to it
2. Add another single job and assign the same rendernode to it
3. Add a cooperative job and assign again the same rendernode 1 to it

What should happen: Once the first single job is finished, the second single job should start and after that the cooperative job.
What happens: After the first single job is finished, the node starts rendering the cooperative job. After the cooperative job is finished, the node renders nothing. The single job added in step 2 never renders.

System Info:
Maxwell 2.7.20
Windows 7 x64

Cheers, Florian
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By dariolanza
Hello Florian,

I've followed your description step by step and I'm not being able to reproduce your fail.

Apparently everything is working fine here.

I've created a Single job and assigned to one node. Created a second Single job and assigned to the same job. And then created a Cooperative job assigned to the same node as the previous ones.

Once the first job is finished, the node takes the second in the queue (the second Single job) and only when it is finished it takes the Cooperative job (the third in the queue).
Apparently it works fine as expected.

Am I missing something?

Could you replicate the same test in a very simple scenario to isolate if the issue is somewhere in your configuration?

Keep me informed about this issue.


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