By itsallgoode9
If you accidentally set an invalid path in the mxi output slot, the monitor will not merge a final MXI file. (for example, i just had this happen when I accidentally had the path as an .MX instead of .MXI) This can be extremely frustrating to realize you've waited hours for a render but it was a complete waste because you accidentally wrote an invalid path location.

This problem could be completely avoided if maxwell warned you that your .MXI file path is not the correct file format. Right now it only warns you if your .mxi path is not a network location and ignores the file format.
By itsallgoode9
That's just semantics and something that could be avoided by a simple error check...Since the mxi output must be a .mxi formatted file to work correctly, and not doing so keeps maxwell render performing as it should (by merging the final file into a single image) i view this is a bug.

If Maxwell only supports one file format in this slot, it shouldn't let you put any other format in the slot.
By itsallgoode9
oh gotcha, sorry about that. Would you mind testing that out actually? On my machine, in this situation, the .MXI files are actually not in the temp folder where there normally would be found.

I just tested this twice with two different files and in each one, it doesn't even give you .MXI files to manually merge.
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By Mihai
You should find them instead in the temp folder of the Manager. Because they have already been transferred from each machine to the Managers temp folder before the merging starts. In this case it should also merge them and in the Manager window, check the log where it says it saved the final merged MXI.
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