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By jc4d
I'm doing some batch render test and I noticed that the render time (my case Cinema4D) or in MWR Studio which is in minutes the Batch render convert it to hours.
Is this a normal behavior?


PS. Sorry for my english, today is not a good day to try to write in another language :lol:
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By tom
Is this option checked?

[x] Use Scene Settings
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By jc4d
Yes Tom, but no luck.
Is easy to reproduce.
- Open Studio and open Simball for example.
- Change the time to 2 or 1 minute or whatever.
- Open Render Node, Manager and Monitor. (all in the same computer)
- Add the job as a Batch following the wizard.
- Start render and you will see that the render time that you put in Studio is now translated as hours.

All this is in the same computer in order to make some batch renders through the weekend.

By itsallgoode9
tom wrote:Is this option checked?

[x] Use Scene Settings

This happens for me too. I'm using Studio and batch does the same thing as described. I have 60 minutes set in studio and when I use batch for rendering (even if I have the "Use Scene Settings" flagged) it interprets the number as hrs instead of minutes.
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