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By b-kandor

I'm trying to use only the modo plugin for maxwell now, and not use studio anymore. I'm very very close - but I struggle still with one thing which is UV mapping. In general, with fire in modo I cannot see well enough the texture of my materials to accurately uv map. So I'm trying to understand how to accomplish this - so many times I start a render to discover usually a scale issue with the uv texture so that I have to return to modo and edit etc. the uv map, sometimes guessing on the change.

I feel like I'm missing some basic function in modo that will let me view the maxwell material textures in the modo uv editor?

Note, my workflow is to load mxm's via the plugin into modo. But in the uv editor I cannot see the maxwell material texture for scale reference.

By Marton Day8

Yes you are right. Currently You can check the mapping only inside the modo Preview vieport (or Maxwell FIRE).

The displayed image is generated on the fly, and modo can not show it as an UV viewport background.
You can try to load the texture image as texture in modo, and use the same texture locator what you use for the MXM material item.

I will think about how to do it better for the future plugin versions.

By Marton Day8
When you use an mxm with textures, the mxm item checks how many channel number is defined in the mxm.

In this example only one:


And under the Channel Locators Group you can link modo channel locators to the different mxm channels.
In modo you can use the same locator for many images, textures so when you add the texture image (what you have in the mxm) to modo scene too, just use the same locator for that too.

If you don't want to add the texture image, you can make the mxm item to show the texture for you (in modo preview).
Above the Channel Locators ui group you can see the "Displayed in modo" control. Choose the right texture from there.

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