By lalllall
So i accidently choose to empty the plugin window and it seems impossible to revert.
Anyone know how to get it back so that you can see maxwell properties and the main ui.
The only sollution I have come up with is to reinstall the plugin but there has to be a better sollution.
By Marton Day8
Reinstall won't help probably, because modo saved the change into its main config file.

If you send me that file, I will try to remove the change from there, or you can delete it and modo will create a new one (but that means you loose your settings)

By Marton Day8
it is the MODOXXX.cfg file under

C:\Users\<your user name>\AppData\Roaming\Luxology

MODOXX.cfg can be MODO501.cfg, MODO601.cfg, MODO701.cfg, etc - depends on your modo version.

This file stores you main user settings under modo. For example you changed the size of a panel, or added a new shortcut, etc....


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