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By b-kandor

Just wondering? I already did a project in 10 and forgot I didn't have the plugin?!
By Marton Day8

I will release a compatible version, but until that, as a workaround for now you can go to

C:\Users\<your user name>\AppData\Roaming\Luxology\Configs\Maxwell plugin for Modo R2\extra\901
(OS X)
/Users/<your user name>/Library/Application Support/Luxology/Configs/Maxwell plugin for Modo R2/extra/901

open the index.cfg file and change the text "rel=901" to "rel>=901", which will allow the 901 plugin to load under modo 10 too.

By PietroS
Hi Marton,

is there a possibility yet to use maxwell plugin for the latest modo v10 version on OS X?
that would be fantastic!

thanks so much in advance for your feedback

By burnin
Just passed by... :wink:

You can use 3.2500 from Early builds

Release notes:

Changes/Improvements in version 3.2500
- Compiled with the Maxwell SDK

Bugs/Bug fixes in version 3.2500
FIXED: Modo crashes after trying to save into mxs format (from menu Save As....)
FIXED: Instability of modo in the presence of the Maxwell plugin.
FIXED: "About plugin" dialog doesn't open from the Maxwell menu.
FIXED: (OSX) Clicking on the menu Modo > Preferences... opens up the Maxwell plugin preferences window instead of the modo Preferences window.

- Added: Support for the modo 10.* versions

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