By Gloss
Hello Marton,

currently the Material handling of mxm materials inside Modo is a pain. Also it is not possible to open mxs data, like with the other apps.
Can you please integrate the Maxwell Materials the same way like they work in Modo? Same with the render outputs? The Vray guys did it very well, its awesome!
I´m sure you can do it!!:-)

all the best
By Marton Day8

No I had to put my effort on my other plugins in the last months.

But have you tried to used the extension materials? Those are built into the modo workflow pretty nicely, and should cover most of you material settings.

By Gloss
thanks for the info!!

I just discovered and tested them and they work pretty damn good! Much better with this conversion workflow!
I would really appreciate if you could still integrate the MXM Material though, it would make things a less complicated :0)

thanks again
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