By photomg1
Hi Marton,

Using texture baking mode external is broken again with the latest build . No baking takes place when using this option , although I've noticed that procedural checker works for some odd reason but none of the others. (assuming you are using the maxwell checker procedural in its place when this option is picked)

Switching to internal does work on very simple test scenes , but switching to more complex scenes generally leads to modo crashing.So I've found this to not be a viable alternative.

By photomg1
Thanks Marton

I've just run into an issue where instances don't work with fur(I was making an area of grass). Create a 1mx1m plane , create a material and attach fur set as strips. Instance the plane 10 0 10 spaced by 1m.
The instanced planes look correct in modo with fur, but in maxwell only the original plane has fur.

I will email you an lxo.

By photomg1
Hope you are getting my emails Marton ! they are sent to your gmail account .

Just sent another with a scene file and cfg , which is very slow to export to fire ( nearly 1 minute to view a change, I really don't understand why ) and crashes modo everytime I try and export to render.

By photomg1

Just tried in the hope it will resolve some issues , it has broken fur export altogether ....

Best I give up on this till a new plugin version is available.
By Marton Day8
Yes, I have to recompile the plugin for the new build otherwise it can't handle the extensions.

I will come back with the result of the investigation of your other issues too

By photomg1
thanks for your reply Marton ,

I've been thinking about issues with the plugin and some of it does seem related to getting data from modo to maxwell . Once it's there , fire is very snappy for example in responding to camera movements etc ...

Would the plugin being able to support the maxwell subdivision modifier extension help this ? as that would enable me to send a smaller data set from modo to maxwell (unsubdivided) . Then leave maxwell to sub divide it.
By Marton Day8
Yes, it is possible to export only the base geom and use the Maxwell extension to subdiv it.

Unfortunately it is not 100% compatible with the modo subdiv, because we can't handle edge weights as freely as it is in modo.

By photomg1
but if we could pick that on a per object/group basis from within the plugin surely that could still help when using fire(and exporting) from within modo? I know personally I don't use edge weighting very often (hardly ever). As in using the edge weight tool in modo if that's what you are referring too.
By Marton Day8

Sorry for making you wait for so long with these answers, but I had to investigate the real reason of these issues.

- Internal: I have changed something in the code, I hope it will be more stable (if not than it is a modo bug with not proper undo handling which causes the crash)
- External: under windows modo 901 doesn't exit correctly, and this is why in external baking mode (which uses modo in headless mode) it hangs the system. It seems it will be fixed soon (SP3?) on the modo side

Fur export with instances:
I have to work on it...., this is not a bug but a current limitation

Very slow export:
Your mesh contains more than 6mill polygons and it has 9 (or was it 12?) uvmaps - which means a lot of data. That makes the export process very slow. But the crash is a bug (in Maxwell API), I hope it can be fixed.

Subdiv modifier:
Currently I have problems adding it to the modo plugin. It needs a totally different geometry read method from modo, which can be tricky, but also during internal testing it somehow doesn't work properly (slow and doesn't refresh). I have to do more test to see what is going on.


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