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By Neb

I would like to ask how to export project from Modo 901 to specific export directory ? I mean an mxs file with all project textures. I can't see Pack And Go option, all other solutions export only the mxs file without textures.

First attempt:

I set the export directory to my LAN rendering folder ( not the project folder ). I use Send Job to Network option and only the mxs file is export. Collect Images to export directory is on.

Second attempt:

I try to send my scene to Studio and then use Pack And Go feature. Works fine but only when the export directory are set to the main project directory not other. If I set the export dir to my LAN rendering dir I can't sent scene to Studio because Studio don't see the textures.

Maybe I miss something but it's a little confusing if I compared this with the same features in Cinema 4D plugin.

Thanks in advance for any explanations. I would like to set my workflow.

By Gloss

there´s an option in Modo, its called consolidate Scene. You´ll find it under the File Menu.
It saves you the scene file and a folder with all textures in it. Maybe it works for you :-)

By Marton Day8
Hello Neb,

So Collect Images to Export directory is ON, but it doesn't collect the images during export time?

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By Neb
Chris - I know this Modo feature. I didn't test it for Maxwell scene but I'm affraid that it won't work if you use a Maxwell materials because Modo can't see links to textures in that way. I should check it.
Marton - yes it doesn't work even if I turn on Collect Images to Export Directory. I think that is the problem. When I export my scene to Studio and use Pack And Go feature everything works.
By Marton Day8
Ok, yes the plugin doesn't collect the mxm textures (and the mxm)

and the easiest way is now the same what you follow. Open in Studio and do pack and go from there.

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