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By Neb

I would like to ask about modo plugin enabled features. I use Cinema 4D now but I use also Modo for modeling. Could someone answer to questions below ?

Is it possible ? :

- render grass Modo by Maxwell ?
- render Modo hair by Maxwell ?
- use Modo particles and Maxwell volumetrics on them ?
- use Maxwell grass tag/object in Modo ?

If not possible, are there rumors to add these features soon ?

By Marton Day8
Hello Neb,

- Currently Maxwell grass doesn't work under modo. It is planned to implement it, but with modo ShaderTree it is not trivial.
- grass Modo and fur Modo (for both you use fur I guess). Currently not possible but I am working on it!
- You can add Maxwell extension objects to scene (like Maxwell Volumetrics)

By Gloss

are there any news in which timeframe we can expect Modo´s Maxwell Plugin to render Hair/Fur, Custom Alphas and Udims?
Also it would be nice to to see Area lights Reflecting from Geometry. Maxwell would be so much more if that works:-)

All the best
Christian V.
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