By photomg1
Hi Marton,
I'm finding any older scenes that had base types in them opening with the 3.1 beta come up as base type unrecognised .Also selecting base type is always stuck on automatic.


By Marton Day8
I am not sure where is the problem.

Have you tried with the latest Maxwell build?

Please update it and see if it works or not.
By photomg1
Hi Marton ,
if I create a new scene and just create a sphere tag it with a material . When I go to the plug-in window I can't change the base type off automatic . If I open modo and load a modo scene that had base type created in a version prior to 3.1 beta I get a dialog coming up during load saying

unknown item type "maxwell.extension.material.metal" skip this type and continue loading .

the extension could be metal opaque etc

Is this working ok your end ? (I've trashed cfg file, but not removed other scripts/plugins yet ...... it did work prior to this beta update )

using 3.1 plug in plus
By Marton Day8
Yes, I should rebuild the plugin with the latest beta SDK.

The problem is that the plugin uses the latest modo SDK too, which is not compatible with modo 801 SP3. So now I can't build it because it will crash your modo. I afraid we have to wait a little to fix this issue.

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