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By digitalukore
Hi There, I have been testing out a simple scene with one object that has two materials applied it. Brass Polished and Brass cast(Rough)
I export out of modo with UV maps. I set up in Maxwell I can see the two UV textures so I can apply my materials to them. But as soon as I apply a displacement layer to the Brass Cast material and go to FIRE for preview Maxwell crashes. Has this been documented or has any body else had similar experience? Need some help please!

MWR | MODO 3.0200 | OSX10.10.1
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By digitalukore
It crashes in Studio. Also I am using a procedural noise as displacement.
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By digitalukore
Hi still having problems with this? But I have a better explanation of my problem. I have a single mesh with two UV maps, I export that from Modo to Studio. That works great:) Now the first UV map I am using for Anisotropic direction with works great. But the second one I am using for Displacement. Every time I add the displacement to the material it crashes Studio? Any answers?
By Marton Day8
Sorry I have missed your previous answer somehow.

Is there any chance to try your scene with the new 3.1 beta? As I remember (from alpha tests) the displacement function should be more reliable with 3.1

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By digitalukore
Well Done Guys. I am impressed so far so good:)
I have a single mesh object with two UV maps, with two materials, one using a Displacement layer!

My workflow is back on track with Modo:) Now I just need a button for 'Super Awesome Render'.
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