By CodyKallas
I need to setup some custom alphas. I found the tutorial for custom alphas in the studio but he mentions that I should be able to do it in "almost" all of the plugins. Are we not part of the almost?


By CodyKallas
Thanks marton, was just making sure I wasn't missing something. I just used modo, faster anyways for alphas
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By egmehl
has this been implemented yet? I'm considering moving to Modo from Max and custom alphas are a feature I use a lot.
By Marton Day8
It is not implemented yet, but I plan to do it for the next plugin build.

Actually I would like to hear the opinion of the plugin users about which is the best way of the implementation.

I am considering two possible workflows.

A) You can set the Maxwell alpha mask group for every object. (Inside the object properties tab).


B) You can add alpha mask property to Group item, and the geometry items inside the group item will belong to that alpha mask group.

By Marton Day8
Just create a new Group in modo.
Put some items into it.

When you select the group you can see a check box in the Maxwell Properties ViewPort "Custom Alpha".
Set it to ON.

The exporter will create a custom alpha in Maxwell with the name of the Group and with the items in it.

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