By CodyKallas
Is their a way to get softer shadows with a spotlight? I am trying to use maxwell but I want more directional lights... Is a spotlight a viable option? It seems like it would work, but the shadows are super hard.

I just did some tests and the radius settings seam to help for every light but the spotlight..


By CodyKallas
I have seen that. Thanks though for posting it. That is how i usually do it. But I was just wondering if there was a quicker way. Kind of like just using an area light instead of making a polygon, assigning the material...... Just quicker to "add spotlight" and use radius and cone to control it. Instead you have to put an area light inside a cylinder then adjust the cylinder...

I dont know just looking for ways to speed things up.
By Marton Day8
Have you tried with the plugin supported spotLight option, and set Soft Edge value of the modo spotLight higher?

By CodyKallas
Yeah I did marton. That is the weird thing about it. It will soften the edge of the light but it won't soften the shadows. So it is like it is working for the light, just not the shadows like it should.

I want to make it look like a diffused spotlight (soft shadows) This can be done easily in modo with the point lights and adjusting the radius. But I want the direction of a spot light. So I just tried putting a point light inside of a cylinder, it works great until I set the radius setting bigger then the cylinder, then it shoots outside of it.
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