Hi Márton,

In windows, sp0 (I'll test with sp1 today). Not sure how to retrieve a crash report. I found that inserting new items into the scene would crash as well. Eg. adding a new light would crash modo with the plugin enabled. I'll check back when I've tried sp1.

thanks! the plugin works awesome btw.

one more question: If I drag an mxm in the shader tree it shows like a texture until I 'change type' to mxm. Is that normal?
Hi Márton,

This is using the 'SW kit' which is an addin for importing sw files separate from the file | open importer. Also, I have the same behaviour opening a parasolid file .x_t using the cad loader addin.

Although, I just test with the file | open method on a sw part and it does crash as well. I send you a file.

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