By BZ-Architekten
Hello everyone,

I would like to kindly ask, if somebody have already also had similar difficulties while trying the new extension feature in Maxwell Studio 3.2 called Asset Reference. I am trying to realize a smooth workflow between the Archicad 17 and Maxwell Studio 3.2. Asset reference should be a key thing in order to achieve it as it enables the possibility of just updating the model in Maxwell Studio after changing and modifying the Archicad model. But, as I was told, one needs to first export the Archicad model to .obj or .dae file format for Maxwell to be able to read it. But then I really dont know how this model should be controled and how I view the surface of the model I am trying to assign the (in Maxwell Studio modified) material to, because in viewport the whole model is shown just as a one single whole object, wehre I cannot click on any element of it separately.
I know that its just new feature but hope that someone had already came across this issue.

Thank you in advance,

RIchard Szilvassy
By Marton Day8
Hello Richard,

What would you like to achieve exactly? Reading your post I had the feeling that you should try the Referenced MXS library instead of Asset Reference.

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Great Thx for the workaround and replies! Cheers.