In case you (or anybody) have workflow proposal for the scatter plugin, I am open to hear it.

My problem is how to implement it in a simple and elegant way. AC is not about animation, more CAD than Visualization software, so a bit limited on this area.

By pricon
Hi Marton,

I add my MXS reference through the plugin to get the simple box instead of the object with point clouds for the simple reason to keep the scene super light. I would be happy if we could have an object that you attach to a plane and nominate the proxy in the scene (simple box) and then have some parameters for scale, rotate etc for some randomness, I would also add a feature to choose whether the scattered item are specific to the face the object it is attached or all faces in the event of a slab for example.

Also can we look at adding the height, density maps for the grass material.


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Great Thx for the workaround and replies! Cheers.