FWIW, we can't even launch AC 18 (hotfix 5100) with neither the latest stable MW plugins or betas. AC will just get stuck at the splash screen. :cry:

This is on OS X 10.9.5
By Marton Day8
Yes, it seems the Artlantis plugin causes the problem.

In case you don't use Artlantis, just move out the Artlantis addons from the Addons folder.

By architecturegeek
EDIT ---- It seems to be affecting just old files (ones made in older builds of version 18). New ones from template seem to be fine. I'm assuming it's something intrinsic to the old files rather than an issue with the plugin.

I'm having issues with MW 3.2.0 and the latest plugin in AC 18 build 7007
Grass settings don't seem to be transferring?

The material settings in ArchiCAD look fine but when it opens in Maxwell I just end up with a flat texture.

Bug? Issue with my texture?
By sinatropus
Marton Day8 wrote:Ok,

It still doesn't work in that way. But I will try to add it.

Old topic, but is there any progress on having 3D window marquee to define the MR region? Command line is quite cumbersome to do that. Thanks.
By Marton Day8
I think the marque information was not visible from the ArchiCad SDK, but to tell you the truth I don't remember very well, so I will re-check it.


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