By pricon
Hi, I downloaded the Archicad 18 plugin BETA, it seems to have lots of issues still, for example I placed the MXS Reference object and assigned a MXS reference file using the mini editor, for some reason the object was 90 deg (the tree was on its side) and in some cases out of shot. I know this is only a BETA version, but can you give an indication if we will see a working version anytime soon. :)
By Marton Day8

Actually this beta version should work fine. The problems what you see is probably because of AC18 bugs.

The 90degree rotated reference problem is very strange. I have spent many hours to fix it, but can't find the problem in my code. It is strange because the same code works under AC16 and 17..... I see a memory problem in ArchiCad - maybe this is the problem but it is difficult to tell. I will check my code again.
And we try to push Graphisoft to fix their issues.

By architecturegeek
The beta plugin/renderer isn't grabbing the Material ID colors.


It's also ignoring material settings related to AGS. All glass is rendering as solid rather than obeying the AGS settings (which show correctly in preview)
edit - I should edit this to say that it seems to be ignoring the material mode (automatic, AGS, diffuse, car paint, emitter, etc etc). I have some that are set to be diffuse mode that are emitting light now.

It's also ignoring multilight composite settings, splits lights into a color slider and intensity slider regardless of settings in multilight.

Also a Graphisoft issue?

Using Maxwell w/ 3.1.0 beta2
AC 18 build 4020
By architecturegeek
thanks Marton.

I'm having similar issue with .mxs materials, the plugin just continues to pull the OpenGL settings and ignores the material file.

It seems like we're stuck with manipulating the OpenGL "exposure to light" settings for now?
Are there any other work arounds, aside from exporting to Maxwell Studio and retexturing?
By Marton Day8
Unfortunately no workaround:(. AC simply doesn't pass the information toward the plugin.

But I will get in contact with the Graphisoft developers again.

By johanp
We have a problem with swedish characters (åäö) when we try to render with the plugin.
The materialname is not the problem but the name of the texture generates an error.

Hope it is an easy fix. :)

FIRE Log: Mon Feb 16 10:22:59 2015
Engine ERROR: File "/Users/johan/Maxwell/ac2mxs/Untitled_Textures/Väggbeklädnad Medium 01 GS.png" has not been found. Render cannot continue.
Engine ERROR: Bitmap File not found ( /Users/johan/Maxwell/ac2mxs/Untitled_Textures/Väggbeklädnad Medium 01 GS.png ) in reflectance in bsdf of Material "Träpanel - Medium"
Engine ERROR: Data preprocess failed. Render cannot continue
By Marton Day8
Hello Johan,

It think the bottle neck is not the plugin here but Maxwell. But I am not sure. Could you try the same textures with Studio? Dose it handle them normally?

By johanp
Hi Márton!
I just tried it on Windows with no problem. Seems to be a Mac problem then.
I will try it later on a Mac exporting to studio.
By pricon
Any news on the Archicad 18 Plugin issues and the pending Hotfix, we are getting close to release 19, this is so bad :(
By pricon
It seems the proxies are now facing the right way, however Archicad crashes for me if I try and use FIRE with mxs referenced objects within the scene :)

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