By AlexP
Hi Marton,

Are there any chances that mxs proxies can be displayed as point cloud or wireframe objects? It's really hard to place irregular trees as box ;)

Best regs
By Marton Day8
Hi Alex,

Do you use the V3.0.x version of the plugin? If yes, it is already possible. How do you create proxy object?

There is a new way to do it by open the AC Object Library > Embedded Library > Maxwell Library and there you can see Maxwell Referenced MXS.

Place one object give the path (with the Mini Library editor is should be easy), and there you have.

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By Rafal SLEK
...and this works really fine :-) Mini Library Editor is great place to change parameters on-line - uncheck "Show only the Placeholder" option.

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By Rafal SLEK
Marton Day8 wrote:Thanks for the visual support Rafal:)!
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Great Thx for the workaround and replies! Cheers.