By pricon
Hi everyone, can anyone help with this question. I have a material lets say brick in Archicad and I have set it to use an MXM called redbrick, I understand the assigned MXM will be the material in the render, but how do I scale or move the texture to suit my model. There is no obvious way to do this in Archicad, is it a matter of exporting to studio and using the UV sets. If some can help with this workflow it would be much appreciated.
By Marton Day8

Inside AC material editor on the "Maxwell Material Settings" below the MXM Path control you can see the "Texture size by AC" list control. If its value is "yes" it means ArchiCAD texture controls will drive the mxm material size. So you can go to the texture panel and change the size values there. If its value is "no", you have to change scaling and offset inside the Maxwell Material Editor or in Studio.

Please note that in case "Embed in the scene" flag is off, it also means that the "Texture size by AC" is "no".


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