Is AC17 v3 plugin ready to rock?
Where are the Object Modifier Extensions such as MaxwellCloner, MaxwellGrass, MaxwellScatter and SubdivisionModifier?
Where are the Extension Objects such as MaxwellSea, MaxwellVolumetric, RFMeshes, RWMeshes, MWObjectAlembic, MaxwellMesher and MaxwellParticles?
Some of these features are really useful for AC users..
I am happy user of V3 since december but still afraid to use it for daily work. There are some nice improvements (new Lenses for cameras, rescaling sun factor, warning before mxs overwriting, faster Fire preview, new material editor) but rest of them are still missing.
My workflow is ArchiCAD via plugin to Maxwell Render. For version 2.7 I think it was the best connection with any rendering software for ArchiCAD (even preferred Artlantis has more completed export scheme).
Any roadmap for developing plugin? :roll:
Hello Marton,
would be great to have full list accessible from ArchiCAD but I doubt if it is possible 8)
Maybe some voting is needed? My topwish is scattering for example (no more planting trees) but probably not for others :-)
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Great Thx for the workaround and replies! Cheers.