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By Steve Jepson
Something has happened and I can't render any more. I am getting this message:

ERROR: - Maximum number of licenses reached. Render cannot continue. To render on this computer, you must first shut down one or more instances of Maxwell running on other networked computers, then restart this application.

But I have no other computers running on this network and I am not running other instances of Maxwell. I have only one license and 0 nodes.
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By Steve Jepson
Tech Support was able to tell me what was probably wrong and they were right. I only have one license and if Maxwell Render finds more than 1 IP address it will quit.

By going to Manage Wireless Adapters I disabled all but the wifi connection I am using and now it works.
I use this computer with a cable, at many wifi hot spots, etc... while I am traveling. Apparently, there were still some active IP addresses from doing that even though I was not connected to any of these.
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By Rafal SLEK
It is announced that with V3 new licensing system will be introduced. It happens to me that on my computer rendering was started and after few seconds stopped.
After long time I've realized that my second computer was still working, it was one of the endless renderings — so I forget about it :-).
Even if I have +5 nodes only 1 Maxwell render is allowed to calculate rendering.
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By dariolanza
Hello Rafal,

My guess is that you own license for 1 Full + 5 Nodes, so you can perform render in up to 6 computers at the time, BUT only in one in UI mode (with interface, MultiLight, plugins, Fire, Manager, Monitor...).

The other 5 can run only in Node mode (just blind render agents).

Let me know if this were not what you were getting.


Dario Lanza
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By Rafal SLEK
Dario — everything works as you said.

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