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By joaomourao
Maybe someone already identified this issue...
Turning layers on and off does not work with FIRE, we have to reload the scene. Same as for the "3D cutoff plans", everything in "Filter and Cut Elements in 3D", picking an object on 3D and showing only that, "Marquee Tool" also not updating... well, we do have to to a lot of manual reload when we are navigating in 3D... :(
...Or, there could be some way to shortcut the "reload" and "start/pause" buttons... it would be good for the workflow!

"Wireframe" mode could be seen in FIRE and rendered... It only works for "Shaded" mode
Zones are not rendered nor FIREd?! Weird! In earlier versions they did!!!
Navigation in the FIRE window just as in the Studio not possible yet :(
By Marton Day8
layer on/off and cutoff plans:
The problem here is that the plugin has to export all the geometries for every layer or cutoff change. This is not a problem in case of smaller scenes, but could be very annoying for more complex ones. I am not sure if layer change events are visible from the API or not, but I will check it....

I am not really sure about what you mean by "Wireframe mode could be seen....."

Zones can be rendered. There is a flag for it: PhotoRendering Settings window > Maxwell Rendering Engine > Scene Conversion > "Skip Zone Elements".

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By joaomourao
For the zones I thought that it was controlled only via "Filter and Cut Elements in 3D"... but now we have a checkbox for rhe zones in maxwell render settings, nice!
As for the other non updated issues with FIRE as in the "Filter and Cut Elements in 3D", it is strange because if I delete or create anything FIRE is automatically updated!
Please check if all these change events are visible from the API :)
It does not make sense changing a layer combination without an auto update on FIRE... :(
As for the wireframe it is simple, having a mix of wireframe and shaded objects can produce very nice images, if only they could be rendered...
Check the image below, it is on the shaded mode but in layer state some are in wire frame. In this case what is in wireframe is not rendered. If I go for a full wireframe mode, nothing is rendered!

By Marton Day8
Wireframe texture will be a material property, so you can create your own style of wireframe materials and use them as replacement materials in AC.

Doing it automatically (integrated into the AC plugin) is not planned right now.


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