By SannaF
I´m tweaking textures and I´m not quite sure how the linking to MXM files in AC material settings work.

So far, my workflow has been to create and change materials in MR material editor an link the MXM file in AC. Now, as I´m making changes to the material, I´m a bit confused how to make sure that the changes update in the AC model. I´ve tried both checking and unchecking Embed in the scene, as I assumed it should be unchecked, but I haven´t really noticed any difference. Also, the changes I make are mostly in the textures, so I wonder if they are reloaded every time I run Fire to check the textures, or if there is another way.

When making the final render I export to MR Studio, but I prefer being able to set as many of the material settings in AC before export, in order to not having to redo them as the project changes.

I am also assuming that the texture image I load in AC texture settings in order to place and size the texture material is separate from the MXM material, and that I have to reload this separately every time, correct?
By Marton Day8
In case you link an mxm material to the AC material, and you make a change on the mxm file, just save the mxm and you have to see the change when your restart fire, or Start a new render.

The "Embed in the scene" flag is only important if you already have an exported scene mxs file and you want to Render it. In case the material is embeded, it means Maxwell Render will read the material from the mxs file. In case it is not embeded, you can still edit the mxm file separately, and if you start the render process, Maxwell will read in the actual version of the mxm file.

Currently there is no connection between the AC texture file and the texture image inside the mxm file. I would like to make it better (for example when you change the mxm file, it changes the AC texture automatically), but I haven't found a working solution yet (ArchiCAD API limitations).

I hope it is more clear now.


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