By solHD
The "Group Emitters" setting is no longer in the plugin?

You use to be able to group emitters by light color, but since the update, I can't seem to figure out how to group the lights so that I don't have 100 individual lights in the multilight slider box.

I can't render because all those lights in multilight are overloading my system!

Please help! How can I group emitters/lights so that I can use multilight efficiently?

By alemanda

Moreover I got a problem.
Suppose to model a linear led light with a beam (using a beam tool) where only one of the faces is set with an emitter material. As long the exporter make a object called "BEAM + unique ID" and builds it as a multimaterial object I cannot launch the render! it seems that the rendering engine doesn't work when a multimaterial object contains an emitter ...
How can I solve?
thank you for your help!
By alemanda
... it seems that the problem is solved defining before (inside Archicad) the emitters materials ...
By alemanda
... but why, if I want to set some triangles of an object as emitter in Studio, it is not possible and I got an error?
Is it a limitation?
By Marton Day8
Yes it is a Maxwell engine core limitation.

Hopefully it will be improved in the future, but currently it is not possible to have emitter and non-emitter material on the same object.


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