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By Rafal SLEK
How to set Invisible emitter in ArchiCAD? I've tried to set 100 Transparency to material with Emitter
or to add MXM material where new BSDF layer is set (as in tutorial). Doesn't work.
By Marton Day8
Hello Rafael,

You have to also set the "Hidden from camera" flag for the object. Unfortunately it is not possible in the current version of the plugin, but it is part of the next version.

With the current version you have to go to Studio and set the "Hidden from camera" flag there.

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By Rafal SLEK
OK, thanks for info. I suspected that it is not so easy :-)
New plugin works so smooth between AC nad Maxwell Render that I wait with pleasure for new version.
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By Rafal SLEK
I've tried to put reference mxs(i) as invisible emitter file but with no success.
Maybe it's because it is partial rendered ArchiCAD model with added emitter.
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By Rafal SLEK
Marton Day8 wrote:Hello Rafael,

Could you send me your reference mxs file?
I can check it.

Had a little time now to check latest work. Tried to rework once more Referenced mxs file
after your response (I understood that it should work :-) ) and...
works! :wink:
Left common ArchiCAD object, right referenced object with added invisible emitter:


Nevertheless it would be great to have invisible emitters as ArchiCAD (MR) materials. 8)
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