By ryanloku
I have just realize that the rendering settings on the Maxwell Tab on Archicad are NOT being saved with the AC View Map :evil: . This means that if you are working on a file, and you want to set more than one render to be done on Maxwell, you would have to manually write down all of the settings used on the rendering scene and reset it for each camera.
Could you fix that? (urgently)
I am using the latest 2.7.2 and AC 15

By ryanloku
Hi Guys,

I am referring to the settings on the Maxwell Rendering Engine Tab. When ever I save a View Map on AC it does not save the settings under the Maxwell tab on things like: Scene name, time, Sampling Level, Environment, Camera, etc...
The only settings that change are the AC related stuff such as Layer Combination, Background, Zoom, etc.

My Workflow is a search for an Image for the Photomontage on the Internal Engine background tab. Than I set the 3D background as the same as the Rendering Engine.
Locate the camera and set, Sun, Date and Time according to Photo Metafile settings. Save a View Map. Define rendering settings and update View Map. Than I do this for many other photos.. but I does not save the Rendering settings. I realise when I was flipping through the Interior and Exterior scenes..

Is it only on my computer? Is it working ok with you guys?

Please let me know ASAP



FYI: Ryan Loku is the IT manager on our office...
By Marton Day8
Hello Bernardo,

Finally I have understood your situation. And you are right render settings are not saved with viewMaps, so you see only one render setting.
Unfortunately I can not give you a quick solution now, because it is not an easy issue. I will check how to do it and I will do do it if it is possible....


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