By ryanloku

Using the template AGS reference material on a Archicad Curtain Wall is resulting in Triangles on the façade (gold and Grey glass). I wonder if it has anything to do with the Caustics channel being turned off. On the other hand, the same material is applied to the simple wall (100mm-Green Glass) and the result is quite different. Interesting to note is that the glass material inside the white boxes are straight from the archicad material AGS preset and did not have the same Curtain wall problem, but they look very frosted.
The Archicad Curtain Wall tool have a real construction geometry with 10mm glazing panels. (see image below)
Is is a material problem? Having a single plane glassing is out of the question because we would like to render form the current working file.
What would be the solution?


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By ryanloku
It looks like duplicated planes... but when I opened the 3Ds file of hte Curtain Wall and isolated the plane it really has no overlapping surfaces.
The only thing I found strange was the Spherical Mapping for the geometry...


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By ryanloku
Is there a away to set this smoothing angle from the AC settings? Would I always have to open Studio to do this?
There is another issue. The Perforated metal on the base of the building (between gold glass) and on the box building on top are the same material but with completely different results.
One is applied to windows and the other one applied to walls... The material is set to relative instead of meters and looks like they map differently depending on the element. Shoudl I transform every material on Maxwell to meters to avoid this problem?


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By Marton Day8
Ok, I think I have found why you have the triangle problem. It was always in front of my eyes, but I haven't seen it.

There is a bug in the current plugin - it exports every curtain wall geometry twice.

Could you check it?

All the curtain wall objects should be under parent objects in Maxwell Studio. If you find curtain wall components in the object view without parent object, you can delete those.


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