By ledman1
Hi there!

I have applied a mxm material in archicad and it renders fine. The material is "plaster" from arroway material collection. The problem is i cant see a texture of this material in archicad window. It shows only white.


Uploaded with

is it something wrong?
best regards
By Marton Day8
Texture: Unfortunately currently you have to apply the texure (from mxm material) to your ArchiCAD material manually. I was thinking about to make it automatic, but haven't found solution yet.

Proxy Object: Yes, you can use proxies. Click on the button on the right side of the Maxwell Palette, and you will see the Proxy Manager. First you have to load the proxy scene "Load MXS", and after that you can place the Proxy objects with the "Add Proxy item" button, or as a normal library object from the ArchiCAD object manager.


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