We use ArchiCAD materials library that is connected to maxwell material library, the materials are set and the textures set with needed sizes and so on.
However, each time I send ArchiCADs file into maxwell studio, the textures go crazy, I have to normalize each object which is really troublesome.

Is that normal? What is the problem? We spent a lot of time preparing the ArchiCADs material library so that it uses maxwell materials, and it just doesn't make any sense coz we have to set everything anyways EACH and EVERY time we make a slight change to the model. Its really upsetting. Can anything be done?
Marton Day8 wrote:You have problem with the texture sizes only if you use mxm files - am I right?

In the next version there will be an option to follow the AC material coordinates (for mxm files).

This is great news!!! It is the only thing keeping me from integrating MR in full to me Archicad workflow!

Thank you, this was driving me nuts!

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