By shprice
If I create a new file in FormZ 7, I have no difficulty rendering it in Maxwell, but I have a couple of files that I created by converting Sketchup files to .fmz. These I keep getting the following error:

ERROR: - Can't open: /Users/shprice/Desktop/Maxwell pastry 3/pastry cabinet 3 noview Maxwell/pastry cabinet 3 noview 1.mxs
ERROR: - Please check the file exists and its permissions.

The permissions on the file are fine. Is there something wrong with the file's objects? If so, is it something that can be corrected?
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By pylon

The best place to get quick Maxwell for formZ support is here:

Sometimes imported sketchup files can cause problems. Usually, it's just one or two little parts of a model.
After issuing a Maxwell render from formZ, check the Maxwell Log (Extensions> Maxwell Render>Log) of object errors. Search for any 'problem' objects that were identified by name, then isolate them on a new layer. Ghost the layer, and then try your render again.
By shprice
I'm sorry, but I'm having trouble finding the Maxwell Log you mentioned. I'm on a Mac. Where do I find the Extensions folder you mentioned?
By shprice
I found it! The reference to the log is very useful for diagnosing failed renderings. Thank you.

Every recent conversion I've made has failed to render in Maxwell—the last five files I tested. According to the log, all objects are rejected. Is this a result I should expect from Sketchup to FormZ conversions?
By shprice
Disregard my previous message. Go here to download an example file (pastry display.fmz): ... 687f44298b

When you open the file in FormZ, you'll see that the Maxwell Render option is greyed out. If I cut and paste the model into a new file, I can launch Maxwell Render, but I get error messages.

Go here to download the original .skp file: ... 23ab04c108
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By pylon
The formZ version you uploaded is a terrible mess... it will not work.
I imported your original sketchup model into formZ and it renders properly with no errors. (Using mac version)

The "Maxwell" option is greyed out upon import simply because it is not in a "3-point perspective" view.
By shprice
Thanks for solving the mystery of the greyed out Maxwell render option.

Also, thanks for testing out the files. I figured out the problem. I imported the .skp file with Import Texture Maps unchecked. The .skp file wouldn't convert to .fmz and render in Maxwell without the texture maps.
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