Dear Maxwell FormZ users
I have a short question:
when I apply Maxwell Materials with textures to formZ Objects... I can't see the textures in the OpenGL view or any other view.

Because of that, I can't scale, rotate, etc the textures...
Is it normal that this does not work with the formZ plugin of Maxwell?
In Cinema4D or most other Plugins, its not a problem.

Please let me know,
Thanks a lot
Hi Oliver,

This feature is available in the Bonzai3d plugin for Maxwell Render, which will be released in 1-2 weeks. (Bonzai3d is a new easy-to-use modeler from ADS, the company that makes formZ). It is also available with the next version of formZ, which is about to go into beta.

Hello Oliver,

If you load the primary image map of the MXM into the FormZ material color slot you will be able to set the texture map size, rotation etc.

Take the MXM texture and load in FormZ under Color:Color Map.

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