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By Asmithey
I am experiencing an issue when creating new Maxwell materials in Form-Z. When I make a new material and the Maxwell material editor pops up and starts to preview render the material, as soon as I hit the stop button to stop the preview render, the material editor closes. I have to hit the edit button to open the material editor back up.

Also, I am getting crashes on some instances, whether they are exported as instances or objects. What is weird is that theses symbols/ instances will render fine by themselves from the original file, as a symbol/ instance. But when I bring them into my job file, with the building, Form-Z just quits when it is exporting to Maxwell.

Can I send the file for investigation?

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By pylon
Hi Aaron,

re: MXED I'm not sure from your description, because the steps are not entirely clear, but this sounds like a problem with MXED, not the plugin. The plugin only launches MXED, then MXED is on its own...

re: Symbols. For best results, we do not advise using nested symbols. As a test, does 'flattening' your symbols to just one level deep help? If not, please post them and send me a download link, or mail them via usendit.

See if you can replicate this.

1. Make a new material in Z, any material.
2. Hit the Maxwell Tab. Click the "surface style to mxm" button.
3. The material editor opens up and starts to render the material in the preview.
4. Click the red button that stops rendering the material preview in MXED.
5. MXED unexpectedly closes. Then you have to reopen to continue working in the material.

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