By bifterX

Im trying toast up a bounce emitter for a window ray on the floor, when I render I see black square, I've tried all combinations of hide but I still see the black square. Would I get a result by setting up the emitter as an MXM material rather than using the plugin and contextual menus? I've seen tuts showing how to do it in Studio - is this the way?

By JDHill
Can you please upload (to dropbox/etc) a simplified scene that demonstrates this? There should probably be a way, but I'm not clear on the setup, just going by description.
By bifterX

Heres a link ... y.skp?dl=0

just quickly put my last thought together in Mxed - seems to work in Fire in plugin - just gonna send to Render to check.

is it possible replicate this function within plugin?

sorry, I'm on v3 SU2016

also Im trying to get a particular shadow pattern through a sash window - obviously works via IBR but loads of noise - when I introduce a hidden emitter in the window I lose this detail and background reflection. its a bedroom with en-suite so loads of reflective surfaces - just setting the lighting up first.

By JDHill
Please try selecting the emitter plane's group, going to the Maxwell context menu, and enabling Hide from Camera, Hide from Global Illumination, and Hide from Reflections/Refractions. If I understand correctly, that should also work for the second scenario you outlined.
By bifterX
yeah, i tried that, i initially made the mistake of applying the material directly to the face rather than the group and then applying the hide modifiers but i always got a square. now that I've done the emitter as an MXM - no square.

Im gonna try on the window emitter next- see if i can get the sash window show pattern.
By JDHill
For the record, I don't have your MXMs, so I was just using the built-in emitter "character" type. It's possible to create an invisible emitter using MXED, but it's not necessary.
By bifterX
The only difference I could see was that the mxm material had the 'vacuum' setting - transmit tan with to pure white and an Nd of 1

That's the only thing I can't set in the plugin - but it seems to have worked

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