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By Scop-Amac
Some time when I export from Sketchup plugin my environment goes to constant dome during the export even if I set environment to a HDRI image...

Can't find why. I've to export the scene 3 or 4 times to get the good environment. Someone have the same trouble?.

Sketchup plugin 3.2.5

Engine version :

Maxwell render same trouble in OS X and Linux so I think it's the plugin export...
OS 10.11.6 and Linux Fedora 23
By JDHill
Is there a chance that you're exporting using File > Export > 3D Model? If so, you should not do that, and should use the plugin's menu/toolbar mxs-export commands instead.
I'm using the plugin toolbars mms export, It look like it's specific of my scene, when I launch fire I didn't have the problem. When I l do the export with another project the export work fine...

I'm trying to find why it does this in this file...
By JDHill
Could you please upload a copy of this file to dropbox or similar and post (or private message me) a link, so I can take a look and try to determine what's the problem?
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