By soarchitect

Is there a pdf user manual available for the latest version of the sketchup plugin (3.2.5)? I am looking at the info on the website, but it does not seem to have detailed info of all the dialogs.
Also. can you recommend any good online tutorials?

By JDHill
There is not a PDF manual, but when you say "info on the website," are you referring to the online documentation (here)? You should find an Export to PDF item in the Tools menu of each page; I don't know if there's a way to do that for multiple pages at once. As far as the detail covered for each dialog, there are some (e.g. Maxwell Grass, Volumetric, etc) where the function of the parameters is already covered in detail in the main Maxwell documentation, so that is why some have less information than others. On tutorials, you can find several specific to the plugin on the Maxwell youtube channel (here), as well as others by other people, and also keep in mind that like the dialogs mentioned before, some topics are covered in a general, not plugin-specific, way.
By soarchitect
Thanks JD,

I will take a look at these resources, however, some of the information seems a little outdated. For instance, I cannot find anything that explains the 'Globals' on the material selector, just the 'preview' and 'character'. Where can I find info for this?

Thanks again
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