By JDHill
To the right of the number slider, you should see a small button with the tooltip "Settings"; clicking this, you can set the increment and decimal precision for any given parameter.
By ArtPen
Hi JDHill,

Thank you for your quick response. I saw in Maxwell help webpage these small rectangles on the right side of every setting. But I can see them only in render setting window and I don't have them in volumetrics window.?
I am using Mac version of Maxwell plugin for sketchup.

Thank you
By JDHill
Hmm, I've had one or two reports like that before, but never found how to reproduce it. In those cases, I created a modified UI layout file for the people it was affecting, and within the last couple versions of the plugin, incorporated the changes from that file into the plugin itself, so please make sure you are using the current (3.2.5) plugin, and let me know if it helps.
By JDHill
Well, that's frustrating. Which versions of OSX & SketchUp are you using? I'll look into this, but for the time being, it seems you'll have to export to Studio and set up the volumetric there.
By JDHill
You can try that if you like, but I don't guess it would likely help. The plugin user interface is basically a web page, and SketchUp shows it in an instance of Safari, so it is susceptible to being affected by changes (you know how websites can look different, when viewing them with different browsers) unrelated to the plugin itself.

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