By mikevmike
I have recently purchased a new computer and wanted to transfer my sketchup plugin license from the old computer. I can't seem to find any documentation how to do this. Any help? Thanks.
By burnin
Have done the same about a month ago. Install as usual. It just works.
Licenses can be activated on both your workstation and your laptop. If you exceed the number of permitted activations, you will receive a pop-up notification and your license will become blacklisted on our server. If you need to re-install after exceeding the limit, you must contact us.
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Am not sure but I think i noticed somewhere the number of permitted activations is either 3 or 5???
Have asked when i got the machine but got no answer yet... probably there's no need to :lol: .
By JDHill
Yes, how it basically works is that a key is generated for your specific machine when you activate the license; that key is stored in the server, and if at a later time it looks like you are trying to install the software on too many machines, then it would be refused, and you would need to contact sales to explain the situation. I do not know the number of allowed activations (it may not be so simple as x-number, it could be x-number in a given time, or whatever -- the point is just to try to differentiate between people using it normally, and those who might try to install the same license on an office-full of machines), but in theory, it should never come up.

The main issue we've seen is where a machine, for whatever unknown reason, doesn't generate a consistent key -- this could happen from plugging-in different USB network adapters, and so forth; in such cases, when the software starts up and tries to check that the license matches the machine, it doesn't, so the software believes itself to be unlicensed. If this was to happen, you could follow the instructions on the plugin licensing page (here) to learn how to look at a log file that the plugin writes to as it is starting up; this may help to diagnose the unexpected behavior. But, I only mention this for completeness, and for people searching the forum in the future; in practice, this should rarely be a problem.

Very appreciated, thanks.

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