By JDHill
According to their web page, it should already work, provided you do not use the "render only" option. I will contact the developer to find out what supporting that option involves, but I wouldn't guess it can be made to work, given that the Maxwell plugin uses a real SketchUp "3D Exporter" library to achieve high-performance MXS export. The Maxwell plugin does also have a Ruby-based exporter (which would have runtime access to functionality exposed via Ruby by the Skatter plugin, if that is how it works), but this is slow, and exists only for the purpose of supporting SketchUp Make, which does not allow the use of 3D Exporters.
By ArtPen
Hi there,
Thank you for reply. Yes it works without render only option.
But if you could post an update here after speaking with Skatter developer it would be great.

Thank you again
By soarchitect
This looks like a really great tool for architectural viz!
JD, how much of this functionality can we already do with the existing sketchUp plugin? Also, can you point me in the direction of a good tutorial on how to use the grass/scatter tool?

By JDHill
It (Skatter) should currently work fine as long as you don't enable its "Render Only" feature. As far as grass & scatter in the plugin (I assume you are referring to Maxwell Grass and Maxwell Scatter?), I'm not sure about tutorials, but the plugin docs are here. That page links to the regular Maxwell docs for Maxwell Grass & Maxwell Scatter, which are pretty detailed.
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