By Gmoney
Very new to Maxwell-just bought the Suite yesterday, and the complexity surprised me a bit. I'll have some time to watch the videos and read the manuals etc later, but now, I'm on a bit of a deadline, and I have four scenes that we need to send to Rebus renderfarm for rendering. Materials are all packed up and the scenes are selected, there's just this last bit I can't seem to find:

In the "Render" window, I can set the final image size without difficulty, but in order to export the .mxs file from Studio, I don't see where I can set the final rendered image output size so the renderfarm can output it to the size we need. Help?
By JDHill
If you wanted to set it from the plugin, you would use Scene Manager > Camera > Output Resolution (each Scene in SketchUp has its own set of camera parameter values), while if you wanted to set it later in Studio, you would select the desired camera in the Scene Tree panel, and set the desired resolution in Attributes Panel > Sensor (the Attributes Panel is context-sensitive, so it shows the camera parameters, when a camera is selected).
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Thanks Luis, it's great to see progress with MW!

Thanks Fernando!