By Michael L
Hi guys
Need help with how to add so called “ghost” BSDF material to an invisible emitter. I want to make the hidden emitter transparent so it won't block out sun light in a room. I am using Maxwell plugin v3.2 for SU 2015.
With thanks,
By JDHill
A "ghost" BSDF is just a BSDF representing the properties of a vacuum, meaning it has 100% transmittance (i.e. white), and zero refraction (i.e. Nd=1.0). The classic "AGS" glass is just this, combined with a pure mirror BSDF (0% transmittance=black), such that you end up with a material which both reflects and transmits light, but without refraction.

However, in the situation you describe, would it not possibly work better to leave the material alone, and instead enable Hide from Camera, Hide from Global Illumination, and possibly Hide from Reflections/Refractions, on the object (see here)?
By Michael L
Okay, "hide from global illumination" works for me.
Thanks a lot, and Happy New Year to you.

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