Hi guys,
I have got a small problem. I can't see mxm reference (red box) in SU viewport.
I create Asset Reference within Studio then I save this file as MXM, I can insert it into Sketchup an render but I can't see it in viewport as usual red box.

Am I doing something wrong?

Thank you,

Ok if anyone is looking for a solution I found one.
You can create a box around your asset Reference model in Maxwell Studio so it about the same size. Then you can create mxm file and use it as proxy in SketchUp. The only thing don't forget to make your box invisible in camera view.

As noted in the docs you linked, the problem is that Asset Reference is simply not intended to be used outside of Studio. It will work to some degree -- it has to in order for it to work when doing final renders in Maxwell Render -- but most of the unique functionality it provides will be inoperative, since it relies on custom communications between it and Studio to do its work. When working from a 3D platform with a plugin (here, SketchUp, as opposed to, say, AutoCAD), the recommended workflow is still what it has been -- convert OBJ/etc to MXS (i.e. import OBJ in Studio and save to MXS, rather than trying to use an Asset Reference) and use MXS References from within the plugin.

As you have found, it can technically work, but still, it is really something intended to be used within the scope of a Studio-only workflow.
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