By JDHill
Currently, this plugin supports all versions of SketchUp from version 6 on up. However, the SketchUp API it uses for export has been deprecated, requiring a total rewrite. This note is to inform that in doing so, I intend to drop support for all 32-bit versions of SketchUp, meaning that henceforth we will only be supporting SketchUp 2015 and up. The timeline is to have this work completed by the next release of SketchUp. Please feel free to let me know any thoughts you may have on this.
By Mike1158
I think it makes sense on a purely business point of view, covering both flavours of the program would reduce the quality of support available.

Having said that there is a case for at least being wary of cutting off one's nose to spite one's face, by missing out on the custom of those who prefer 32 bit operating systems.

I wish you well with it.

Wondering when the next iteration of sketchup will surface, and keeping a weather eye out for the next full version of Maxwell too because I may well be in the market for the full fat version. I do hope that there can be a proper method of learning Maxwell rather than checking stuff out online only to find out that the feature I was looking at was not in the program any more. You could certainly make it easier to start the learning process.

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