I'm sure this has been covered elsewhere so feel free to answer with a link.

As Maxwell is basically like using a camera - a good thing - I was wondering if people had tips for balancing interior and exterior light levels. As with a camera the usual problem is either the interior being too dark or nicely lit but with outside light blazing through the windows. Anyone have a nice workflow to addressing this?

I've seen hidden emitters being used through windows. Is using an emitter behind the camera to increase interior light a good idea... etc.

People who do this type of work in the real world use any number of techniques to fake the light how they want it to work, whether during the shoot, by adding physical lights, or later in post. Basically, every technique you'll find mentioned in that world (e.g. here) will carry over into Maxwell. If you add a light coming from behind the camera, which would not otherwise be in the room, then you'll lose that much realism -- but then, it is sometimes not about creating an image that reflects reality perfectly, but rather one that shows what the eye might perceive to be an appealing, yet not impossible, version of reality.
I know this is an old thread, but my solution to this is the same as I use for photography. Render several exposures and use HDR tonemapping in Photoshop to combine them in any way I want.

It's probably something that can be done more elegantly, but sometimes even brute force works! :-)

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