By bifterX
Apologies if I'm not seeing my nose in front of my face - I need to map a cylinder (a telegraph pole) I have my mxm set up but i can seem to apply it correctly to to the object, I need to do some texture positioning so I do that on face but then if i sample and apply to remaining face it will only apply the positioned texture to every other face.

sorry if this is a dumb question
By JDHill
I think I would remove any materials assigned to faces, make sure the pole has been grouped, and then assign the material to the group. Assuming that the orientation is wrong at this point, I would then:
  • If using an MXM, open it in MXED and use Texture Picker > Rotation to apply a 90° rotation to the textures.
  • If using a plugin material, go to Character > Texture > Projection and apply a 90° rotation to the texture.
Of course the same can be done by rotating the pixels in the texture images themselves, as well. Perhaps also worth mentioning, in case the geometry is not just a nice cylinder scratch-drawn in SketchUp, there is also the right-click group > Maxwell > UV Coordinates option, where you can tell the plugin to ignore any SketchUp UVs and instead apply a Spherical (or other) projection to the geometry during export.

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