By grafen

I have spent alot of time trying to suceed with the mapping in SW. The Mapping looks correct in Viewport - looks correct in 360 Photoview - but wrong in Fire/Render. I have tried to export as mxs and taken the parts into Studio to do the mapping there - once there the mapping is not the same as in SW - it is as in Fire. I correct the mapping in Studio to use it as a reference in SW - and again it is wrong - but not the same as the start mapping back in SW.
It would be super useful to solve this problem for me - time saving to render straight out of the CAD program sometimes.

Please help/Fix

By JDHill
This has been a long-standing issue; the plugin exports the only UV coordinates that the SW API provides, but these can often be different than what is shown in SW or PhotoView. There are other API functions for getting projection definitions, but these, I have never been able to use to consistently generate UVs that match perfectly with what is seen in SW. Therefore, I recommend using Studio for anything but very simple (patterns, e.g. bump) mapping.
By JDHill
In the near future, no, I do not expect it to change. But strictly speaking, new versions of SW are released every year, so it is something not absolutely predictable.
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